Honey Milk to boost Immunity

If you want to make the immune system strong then drink milk mixed with honey, there will be these 5 benefits 1 – Drinking honey mixed with milk daily is beneficial for your physical and mental health. It is helpful in increasing both types of abilities.2 – If there is a problem of sleeplessness or […]

What are the Home Remedies for Cough?

For the treatment of every type of cough, it is necessary to stop smoking for a few days. Smoking causes irritation in the respiratory tract and increases the disease. Patients with cough or sputum should consume water or other liquids after heating them. This gives relief to the throat. Fill salt and black pepper by […]

Benefits of eating Dried Dates boiled in Milk

Teeth and bones: Milk and date palm are rich in calcium. Due to which taking two spoons of this mixture daily in the morning and evening makes teeth and bones strong.Voice not clear: If your voice is heavy or your voice is not clear, then boil dried dates in milk and drink that milk after […]