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    Teeth and bones: Milk and date palm are rich in calcium. Due to which taking two spoons of this mixture daily in the morning and evening makes teeth and bones strong.
    Voice not clear: If your voice is heavy or your voice is not clear, then boil dried dates in milk and drink that milk after cooling it. Do not drink water for 1 hour after drinking milk. This makes the voice clear.
    Benefits in Paralysis: Patients of paralysis should boil dried dates in milk and consume two spoons every day in the morning and evening. This benefits them.
    Increase strength: If you are of lean or weak body, then you must consume this mixture daily. Consume this mixture in the morning, evening and night and have meals on time. This will remove weakness from your body and make your body strong.
    Get rid of the problem of piles: Boiling 3 dried dates in milk and eating them daily in the morning and evening gives relief from the problem of piles.
    Constipation: Dates are also used in the treatment of diseases related to constipation. The use of dried dates gives relief in constipation. Chew two dates in the morning and evening and then drink lukewarm water. By doing this constipation goes away.
    Remove weakness: If there is weakness in your body, then date palm can help you in that too. For this, you have to take out five date seeds in half a liter of milk and heat it. When the milk remains 300 ml, take it out and drink it after adding sugar candy. Weakness goes away by consuming it continuously.
    In problems related to urine: Dates prove to be very beneficial for those who have problems with urine. You have to eat 2 dates like this daily. This will give you relief in urine related problems.
    Make bones and teeth strong: Dates contain calcium which keeps the bones and teeth of your body strong.
    Increase physical strength and weight: Dates can be very beneficial for those who want to be fit and fat. You have to include four dates in your diet. This will improve your digestion so that your food will be digested better. You will see the effect of its use within seven days. Boil dates with milk at night. Chew and eat it before sleeping. Eating this continuously removes physical weakness and strengthens the body.
    Asthma: Eating date palm in the morning and evening also provides relief from asthma.
    On wound: If there is a wound somewhere on the body, rub the kernels of date palm and apply it on it. The wound will heal.
    Remove anemia: Eating dried dates daily also increases blood in the body. If there is a lack of blood in your body, then definitely eat dried dates.
    Calcium treasure: Calcium is found in good quantity in date palm, eating it regularly also removes weakness of bones.
    Control sugar: Take out the kernels from the date palm and suck it 8 to 10 times a day. This gives relief from sugar.

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