Eat Dates to cure these Health issues

If you want to remove anemia, then eat a lot of dates If there is a problem of joint pain, taking some quantity of dates daily is beneficial. This also cures calcium deficiency. Being rich in magnesium, copper, manganese, vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and selenium, it helps in strengthening bones and teeth, and prevents intestinal […]

Benefits of eating Dried Dates boiled in Milk

Teeth and bones: Milk and date palm are rich in calcium. Due to which taking two spoons of this mixture daily in the morning and evening makes teeth and bones strong.Voice not clear: If your voice is heavy or your voice is not clear, then boil dried dates in milk and drink that milk after […]

6 Amazing benefits of eating dried dates after boiling

Boil 4 dried dates in a glass of milk in cold days and let it cool, then take out dried dates from the milk and eat it after chewing well and drink hot milk while sleeping in the morning or at night. Consuming this for 3-4 months will make the body vigorous and increase beauty. […]