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    For glowing and problem free skin, start drinking a glass of warm water daily.

    ● During periods, if there is pain in the stomach, then drinking a glass of lukewarm water gives relief.
    In fact, in the pain that occurs during this time, the strain that occurs in the muscles, the hot water relaxes it.

    ● By drinking hot water on an empty stomach in the morning and after eating at night, digestive problems end, and problems like constipation and gas do not bother you.

    ● A glass of warm water is also very useful in increasing appetite. Add the juice of one lemon and black pepper and salt to a glass of warm water and drink it. This will remove the heaviness of the stomach in no time.

    ● By drinking warm water on an empty stomach, diseases related to urine go away. The burning sensation of the heart gets reduced. In diseases arising from Vata, warm water is as beneficial as nectar.

    ● With regular consumption of hot water, blood circulation also becomes faster. Actually drinking hot water increases the body temperature. Through sweating, all the toxic elements of the body get out.

    ● When thirsty in fever, the patient should drink warm water only.

    ● If there is pain due to gas in any part of the body, then drinking a glass of warm water brings out the gas.

    ● Most of the stomach diseases are caused by contaminated water, if the water is heated and then cooled, then most of the stomach diseases will not be able to flourish.

    ● Through hot water, energy is transmitted. Due to this cough and cold related diseases go away very quickly.

    ● Drinking warm water is very beneficial in diseases like asthma, hiccups, sore throat, and after consuming fried foods.

    ● Taking a lemon mixed with a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach, the body gets Vitamin C. The combination of hot water and lemon strengthens the body’s immune system, as well as pH. The level of, too, remains correct.

    ● A glass of warm water daily works as a wonderful tonic for the scalp cells. Hydrates the scalp of the head, due to which the problem of scalp dryness ends.

    ● Even in weight loss, hot water is very helpful. One hour after eating, drinking hot water makes the body slim.

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