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    Many questions came on this, if we wanted, different answers could have been given, but it felt right to give information about child rearing at one place.
    That’s why the blog has become a bit long but we hope these tips will be very useful for new moms and dads!

    The weight of the child decreases by 10% after birth.

    A newborn baby loses 10% of its body weight within a few days of birth. It’s normal and it happens to all kids
    But the newborn regains its birth weight within 14 days after birth.

    In the next 4 to 6 months, the baby doubles its birth weight.

    Make sure to weigh at the time of birth.
    Weigh the baby again every week for one year and make sure that the weight of the baby increases every week, even if it increases by 100gm.
    For this, it is necessary to always use the same weighing machine and the same baby clothes because the weight of the clothes can also give wrong results.

    By the time the baby is one year old, it has tripled its birth weight.

    In the second year, the child’s weight increases only by 2 to 3 kg, if it increases more than this, it is good, but if it increases less than this, then it is a matter of concern.

    How to know that your baby’s stomach is full?

    If your baby is getting enough milk, then he is wetting his diaper at least 6 to 8 times a day. If he comes to the potty several times a day, then it shows that the child is developing properly.
    The child is happy, sleeping well, even though his chicks are not the Golu Molu type. Be happy your baby is healthy.

    As the child grows up, he will have less potty.
    Maybe after a few days he will have potty once in three days. This is absolutely normal.

    Note: If children should be given only mother’s milk for 6 months, then how can the child’s weight increase?
    This is a special problem for new mothers. But the answer to this is also the same, not being able to do fidgeting properly is the reason for the child not gaining weight.!

    Let us understand the best way of feeding, so that the child gets all the nutrients of milk.

    For example..
    You have to take a bath, if you turn on the geyser, first cold water will come, then lukewarm and then hot.
    The same thing is about the time of feeding, milk comes first, it will be a little thin, then a little thick, after that comes fat milk which is useful for increasing the weight of the child.
    If the baby is not able to reach this milk, then its stomach will be full, growth will also happen but it will not get the fat of mother’s milk.
    This is the reason why mother’s weight is often not reduced even after feeding because fat is not available to the child!

    So pay attention,
    Feed the baby for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
    By the way, the timing also depends on the latch of the child!

    The second important thing is to keep feeding every 2 hours.

    Similarly, same example if you take water from geyser and turn it on after some time then cold water will not come, similarly if you feed quickly then thin milk will not come and baby will get good milk. Give equal feeding to the baby even at night.

    Third important thing:
    Baby will get all the nutrients from mother’s milk, so it is necessary that milk, nuts, pulses, fruits, juices, green vegetables should be included in the mother’s diet.

    Don’t know now, what to give to a child older than 6 months?
    If your baby is older than 6 months then you should give three times a day to your baby.
    Along with this, breastfeeding should also be done at least twice a day.
    Continue to breastfeed your baby along with solid foods until he is one year old.

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