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    1. Tea/Coffee

    Often people start their morning with a cup of tea or coffee. But drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach can also cause acidity. Due to which problems like abdominal pain, chest pain can occur. If you drink tea in the morning, then definitely eat bread or biscuits.

    2. Apple

    Apples are rich in vitamins, A, B, and antioxidants. But eating apple early in the morning on an empty stomach is harmful.

    3. Salad

    Salad is good for health and should be eaten too. But consuming salad on an empty stomach can cause gas, acidity. Some may also have heartburn problem.

    4. Guava

    Consumption of guava is very good in terms of health, but even after forgetting it is empty.

    Should not be consumed in stomach. Yes, if you consume it on an empty stomach, you start having stomach pain.

    5. Tomatoes

    Tomato should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Its taste is hot. Due to which you may have heartburn or acidity.

    Keep these things in mind

    • Do not eat raw vegetables on an empty stomach
    • Don’t start the day with just juice
    • Avoid eating yogurt on an empty stomach
    • It is not good to eat citrus fruits in the morning
    • Do not eat spicy things on an empty stomach

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