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    What is detoxification?
    To stay healthy, the trend of detoxification is in full swing among people these days.
    Nowadays people have very less time for themselves in the run-of-the-mill life.
    Lack of nutritious food, consumption of alcohol and smoking increases the amount of these toxins in the body. Detoxification means taking out the toxic substances accumulated in the body.
    In this action, the body is cleaned both internally and externally.

    Let us discuss about such diets which are necessary to detox the body.

    Coconut water
    You can also take fresh green coconut juice. It contains many electrolytes and antioxidants, which cleanse the body system by removing toxins from the body. Coconut water has the amazing ability to flush out large amounts of toxins from the body. This is the reason why a patient suffering from any kind of disease is always advised to drink coconut water.

    Detoxifying properties are found in large quantities in spinach. If you want, you can take spinach in the form of vegetable or soup. Make a paste by grinding spinach leaves, adding water to make it thinner. For good taste, a few drops of lemon and black pepper can be added to it. Then drink it, it will benefit you a lot.

    Green Apple
    Green apple is also very effective in cleaning and detoxifying our body and blood. Although it has a slightly tart taste, it has a great flavor compared to other juices used for detoxifying. Apple juice should be taken everyday especially in the morning. It cleanses the body from inside.

    Fiber rich diet
    Include more and more fibers in the food so that there is no constipation. Isabgol husk can be taken with water before sleeping at night. You can start the day with a breakfast of oats. Do not try to fill your stomach in one go. Make food light and in pieces.

    Vitamins and minerals are very important for the body.
    Maintain the amount of folic acid, vitamin-B, calcium, vitamin C, and D and B-12 in the body. Consume vitamins and minerals as per daily requirement. Doing this is necessary to stay healthy.

    Mash the mint leaves well and take a few drops of lemon in it. If you want, you can also add black pepper and salt to taste. It easily removes the toxins present in the body.

    Small blueberries have the properties of detoxing the body. The anthocyanins and antioxidants present in it flush out the toxins accumulated in the body.

    Eating seasonal fruits
    At this time all kinds of juicy fruits come in the market. For example, you can take watermelon, cucumber, cucumber, orange, grape and apple juice regularly. Buttermilk is also a better option. Fresh Vegetable Juice!

    Green Tea
    Avoid tea, coffee and drink green tea or herbal tea. The antioxidant element present in it cleanses the body from inside. You can take them more than twice or thrice a day. They don’t have any side effects.

    Kale leaf
    Kale leaf juice is also a great detoxifying juice. Kale leaves are crushed and prepared with a few drops of lemon, a spoonful of ground ginger and some cucumber. This juice is a very good detoxifying agent and should be consumed in the morning.

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