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    Garlic is known for its taste, anti-biotic elements and health benefits, so you can use it in food or use it raw. But if you find it difficult to eat raw garlic, then you will be surprised if you know these benefits of eating roasted garlic.

    Eating roasted garlic on an empty stomach in the morning reduces cholesterol, and it is a very beneficial method for all cholesterol-related health problems such as cholesterol deposits in the heart tubes, etc.

    It is also beneficial if you want to lose weight, because along with lowering the cholesterol level, your weight will start decreasing and obesity may disappear.

    During winters, it protects against cold, cough and cold and helps in generating heat in the body. Not only this, it also maintains better blood flow.

    Along with increasing immunity, it controls blood pressure and due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties keeps the body clean from many diseases.

    The rich carbohydrate present in it provides energy to the body by removing the weakness of the body. It is also helpful in controlling blood sugar and also prevents constipation.

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