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    Yes, if you have to go to the toilet again and again, cumin is the best medicine for it.
    Chew half a teaspoon of cumin and drink lukewarm water afterwards, it has been seen that diarrhea stops in just one dose.

    If the stomach does not remain clean, constipation remains, then the best medicine for it is Ajwain, mix it with jaggery, eat it after chewing and drink hot water from behind, then the stomach gets cleared immediately.
    Sleep after eating at night, the stomach will be clean as soon as you wake up in the morning.

    Triphala powder is a good medicine to clean the stomach.
    Take one spoon of Triphala powder while sleeping at night, stomach will be clean with water.

    If there is a lot of diarrhea, you have to go to the toilet every two minutes, then take half a cup of raw milk without heating it and add lemon juice to it and drink it quickly.
    Have to drink milk before it curdles and take only one dose, dangerous diarrhea gets cured in just that much.

    Another good medicine is that chew the pulp of the fruit that grows on the vine leaf tree and drink some water afterwards, it also cures loose motion.

    Bael powder is available in the market-
    Drink one spoon of it with lukewarm water, it also cures diarrhea.

    One name is ginger which is the beauty of the kitchen in every home.
    Consuming ginger gives relief in diarrhoea.
    Drinking ginger tea reduces stomach pain.
    Drinking ginger juice, lemon juice and black pepper powder mixed with water provides relief.

    Banana helps to control the movement of the intestines and binds loose motions.
    The pectin present in apples and bananas is beneficial in diarrhea by reducing the amount of stool.

    In case of Diarrhoea, at least 1 liter of water should be drunk at an interval of 1 to 2 hours.
    Dehydration will not happen by consuming water, along with sucking small pieces of salt and eat it.

    Make a solution of salt and water and use it.

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