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    Measures and precautions to maintain a healthy body:

    1- 90 percent of diseases are caused by stomach only. Constipation should not remain in the stomach. Otherwise there will never be a shortage of diseases.

    2- There are extraordinary physical velocity. They should not be stopped.

    3- 160 diseases are caused only by non-vegetarian food.

    4- 103 diseases are caused by drinking water after meals. Water should be drunk only after 1 hour of the meal.

    5- 80 diseases are caused by drinking tea.

    6- 48 diseases are caused by eating aluminum utensils or cookers.

    7- Consumption of alcohol, cold drinks and tea causes heart disease.

    8- Eating eggs causes heart disease, stones and kidney damage.

    9- Large intestine shrinks with cold water (fridge) and ice cream.

    10- Maggi, gutka, alcohol, beef, pork, pizza, burger, beedi, cigarette, pepsi, coke rot large intestine.

    11- By taking a bath after a meal, the digestive power slows down and the body becomes weak.

    12- Hair coloring substances (hair color) cause damage to the eyes (blindness also).

    13- Eating salt or salty things with milk (tea) causes skin diseases.

    14- Shampoo, conditioner and different types of oils cause hair to ripen, fall and split ends.

    15- Bathing with hot water reduces the immunity of the body and the body becomes weak. By pouring hot water on the head, the eyes become weak.

    16- Tying a tie damages the eyes and brain.

    17- Drinking water while standing causes pain in the knees (joints).

    18- Urinating while standing causes damage to the spinal cord.

    19- Adding salt to food after cooking increases blood pressure.

    20- Sneezing forcefully damages the ears.

    21- Life is shorter if you breathe through your mouth.

    22- Leaning too much on the book damages the lungs and there is a fear of decay (TB).

    23- Eating neem leaves in the month of Chaitra purifies the blood, malaria does not happen.

    24- Consumption of basil does not cause malaria.

    25- Eating radish daily keeps a person free from many diseases.

    26- Pomegranate… is best for mango, storage, chronic cough and heart diseases.

    27- Arjun bark, gourd juice, basil, mint, seasonal, rock salt, jaggery, bran flour, peeled grains are medicines for heart patients.

    28- Eating betel leaf, jaggery or fennel after meals improves digestion. There is no indigestion.

    29- Unripe food (which is not cooked on fire) keeps the body healthy and prolongs life.

    30- By sucking licorice, phlegm comes out and the voice becomes sweet.

    31- Water should always be fresh (from hand pump, well etc.), bottled (fridge) water is stale and causes many diseases.

    32- Lemon protects from dirty water diseases (liver, typhoid, diarrhea, stomach diseases) and cholera.

    33- Eating bran increases the body’s immunity. That’s why wheat should always be grinded coarsely.

    34- One should not drink water immediately after eating fruits, sweets and things made of ghee or oil.

    35- Food should be eaten within 48 minutes of cooking. After that its nutritional value starts decreasing. After 12 hours it is not even fit for animals to eat.

    36- Nutrition is saved by cooking food in earthen utensils, 100% in bronze utensils, 97% in brass utensils, 93% in aluminum utensils and only 7-13% in pressure cooker.

    37- Wheat flour 15 days old and gram, jowar, bajra, maize flour should not be used more than 7 days old.

    38- Man should never eat things made of fine flour (biscuits, bread, pizza, samosa etc.).

    39- Rock salt is the best for eating, after that comes the place of black salt. White salt is like poison.

    40- Applying anything from potato juice, turmeric, honey, aloe vera on burning, the burning gets cured and blisters do not appear.

    41- Only mustard, sesame, groundnut or coconut oil should be eaten.
    Desi ghee should be eaten only. Refined oil and Vanaspati Ghee (Dalda) is poison.

    42- Soaking the toe nails with mustard oil cures itching, redness and burning sensation of the eyes.

    43- Eating lime cures 70 diseases.

    44- In case of injury, swelling, pain, wound, boil, keeping a magnet on it for 5 to 20 minutes cures it quickly.
    Using a magnet on breaking a bone heals in less than half the time.

    45- Sugar candy, jaggery, honey, native (raw) sugar should be used in sweets. White sugar is poison.

    46- Turmeric should be applied on dog bite.

    47-Utensils should be used only of clay.

    48- In place of toothpaste and brush, teeth should be brushed and teeth will remain strong.
    (Don’t brush your teeth in case of eye disease)

    49- If possible, it would be better not to read or write after sunset.

    50- Good sleep and good (fresh) food are very necessary to stay healthy.

    51- By staying awake till late night, the body’s immunity becomes weak. Digestion of food is also not done properly, there are also eye diseases.

    52- Breakfast like a prince, Lunch like a king and Dinner like a beggar.

    53.- Garlic must be used in food.

    54.- By drinking turmeric mixed with milk, diseases do not come near.

    55.- Avoid junk food. Avoid eating outside food as far as possible.

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