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    Women should consume these things to remove calcium deficiency

    1. Health: After the age of thirty, women should consume essential nutrients to make the body healthy and bones strong. Due to lack of proper nutrition, many problems related to bones surround them. The reason for this is calcium deficiency. If you also have pain in the hands and feet, breakage of nails or pain in the teeth, then include a diet rich in calcium in your diet. Eating these foods will help in removing calcium deficiency in your body.
    2. Diet made from milk: Along with milk, foods made from milk should also be included in your diet. Consuming curd, paneer cheese, ghee is beneficial.
    3. Cereals and Pulses: Many women compromise on nutrients in order to keep their body fit. But this habit can be heavy for you. Make sure to consume pulses and cereals rich in calcium in your diet. Be sure to include wheat, millet, ragi in cereals and soybean, gram in pulses.
    4. Vegetables and fruits: Maximum vegetables and fruits should be consumed in the food. Green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, green coriander should be eaten for the supply of calcium. Among fruits, orange, pineapple, banana, mulberry, dates have good calcium content.
    5. Dry Fruits: Make foods like cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachios, walnuts a part of your daily routine. All these do not increase obesity, but the body gets plenty of calcium.

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