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    Whether it is winter season or unseasonal cold, the problem of nasal congestion is with everyone. But the real problem occurs when your nose does not open easily and you start feeling suffocated due to the blocked nose. At this time, nasal congestion seems to be the most serious problem. But now this will not happen, because we are telling you some easy ways to open your blocked nose.

    Steam: This method of opening the blocked nose is very old and effective, which gives you instant relief. For this, all you have to do is heat water and take it out in a vessel and put a few drops of aromatic oil in it. Whatever scent you like. Apart from this, you can also add a few drops of iodine or Vicks capsule in it. Now take steam by turning your face towards this vessel. It will give relief in cold along with opening the nose.

    Another easy way to clear a stuffy nose is a little exercise. Yes, for this you have to close your nose and tilt your head backwards and hold your breath for some time. After this it will be easy to breathe by opening the nose. You can repeat this method.

    Hot Water: Due to cold or cold, there is a problem of nasal congestion. To cure this, light warm or lukewarm water can also help you a lot. If you are comfortable, for this, tilt your head back and with the help of a dropper, pour a few drops of luke warm or lukewarm water into the nostrils. In a short while, turn your head forward and remove this water. Also drink hot water.

    Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an excellent remedy to open a blocked nose. Whenever your nose is blocked, apply coconut oil with your finger to the inside of the nose. Or put a few drops of coconut oil in the nostrils and then take a deep breath. Your nose will open in no time. Keep in mind that coconut oil should be melted.

    The smell of camphor is also a good way to open the blocked nose. If you want, you can smell it mixed with coconut oil, or smelling plain camphor will also benefit you. Apart from this, even by giving warmth to the nose, the blocked nose can be opened easily.

    Celery: Bake celery on a griddle, take care not to burn it, tie this roasted celery in a handkerchief and smell it, you get instant relief. This remedy can be done by everyone from a newborn to an adult. .

    Hot compress on the nose: If you are unable to do anything, then take a hot cotton napkin, dip it in boiling water and place it over your nose. You will get relief from it within two minutes.

    If you want, you can also heat a handkerchief with a press, then rub your forehead, nose and throat alternately, with this recipe, the problem of complicated and complicated colds ends.

    Eat spicy food: Spicy food will clear up your stuffy nose in no time.

    Lemon tea: Squeeze a few drops of lemon in hot black tea and drink it. If you want, add a small spoon of honey to it. This will open your blocked nose immediately.

    Nilgiri oil: Heat one spoon of eucalyptus oil. Then cool it slightly and drip two drops in the nose. This will give you immediate relief. Do this before sleeping at night.

    Garlic soup: You can make vegetable soup and add three to four crushed garlic cloves to it. This soup will benefit you a lot.

    Basil leaves: If you want, you can also take some freshly washed basil leaves. This will make your cold go away immediately.

    Honey: Mix two spoons of honey in a cup of lukewarm water. Drinking this will cure your runny nose as well as your sore throat. Drink this solution twice a day.

    Mustard oil: Heat one spoon of mustard oil, when it cools down a bit, then drip it in the nose. This will open your nose.

    All these remedies are good and safe, you get relief in four to five days, even if you do not get relief, then you should take measures according to your discretion.

    All the information and articles given here are for educational purposes only.
    The information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease without expert advice. Always seek the advice of a physician for medical examination and treatment.

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