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    Milk made in summer is considered very beneficial for the body. That is why these days curd, paneer, matcha and buttermilk are used extensively. Curd, Paneer, Whey, etc. are not only useful, but buttermilk is more beneficial than them. Consuming buttermilk daily in summer is like nectar.

    • This makes the face glow.
    • Drinking buttermilk with food also provides relief from joint pain.
    • Buttermilk is full of calcium.
    • Digestive problems never affect the person who consumes it daily.
    • After eating food, the stomach becomes heavy, buttermilk must be drunk in summer to remove anorexia etc.

    So let’s know the benefits of drinking buttermilk


    If diarrhea is occurring due to heat, then grind the root of the banyan and filter it and mix it with buttermilk and drink it. Mix sugar candy, black pepper and rock salt in buttermilk and drink it daily, it clears acidity from the root.

    Increase Immunity

    It contains healthy bacteria and carbohydrates, as well as lactose, which increases your immunity in the body, which makes you energized instantly.


    If the complaint of constipation persists, drink buttermilk mixed with carom seeds. To clean the stomach, drink lassi mixed with mint in summer.

    Complaint of Not Digesting Food

    People who complain of not digesting food properly. They should drink buttermilk daily by mixing the powder of roasted cumin, powder of black pepper and powder of rock salt in equal quantity and drink it slowly. This will increase the digestive fire faster.


    Vitamin C, A, E, K and B are found in butter milk, which fulfills the nutritional requirement of the body.

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