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    Peepal leaf can also remove 99% blockage.

    Recipe :
    Take 15 leaves of Peepal which are not soft pink buds, but the leaves are green, soft and well developed. Cut off the upper and lower part of each with scissors. Clean the center of the leaf with water. Let them cook on low heat in a glass of water.
    When the water is reduced to one-third after boiling, filter it with a clean cloth after cooling and keep it in a cool place, the medicine is ready.

    Make three doses of this decoction and take it every three hours in the morning.
    After some time after heart attack, by taking it continuously for fifteen days, the heart becomes healthy again and then there is no possibility of heart attack.

    Heart patients must use this recipe once.

    Peepal leaf has amazing ability to give strength and peace to the heart.
    Three doses of this peepal decoction can be taken at 8 am, 11 am and 2 am.
    The stomach should not be completely empty before taking the dose, but should be taken only after having a digestible and light breakfast. Do not take fried things, rice etc. during the experiment.
    Stop using meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, smoking.
    Stop using sea salt, sugar, refined oil, lubricants etc.
    Take pomegranate, papaya, amla, bathua, garlic, fenugreek seeds, apple marmalade, sweet lime, black gram soaked overnight, raisins, guggul, curd, buttermilk etc.

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