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    Paralysis is a serious disease. A part of the body is killed. The patient becomes helpless when the organ becomes inactive. Paralysis is the numbness of the limb due to lack of blood in any part of the body.

    How many types of paralysis are there
    (1). All over the body
    (2). In half body
    (3). Only in the mouth

    Recognition of paralysis:
    Stoppage of blood circulation in the pulses and small veins of the body.
    Laxity in tendons and joints.
    Organ failure.
    Unable to move or move the limb.
    Inability to speak from falling on the face.
    Distortion of eyes, nose, ears etc.
    Pain in teeth, crooked neck, lips hanging down.

    Home Remedies:
    Boil basil leaves

    Roast the paralyzed limbs of the patient with its steam.

    Apply a paste of basil leaves, opium, salt and curd on the organs after some time.

    Massage of fennel oil is a panacea for paralysis patient.

    Massage the leaves by boiling them in mustard oil.

    Mix black pepper in sesame oil and massage it.

    Boil dry ginger and urad (whole) in 200 grams of water, strain and give it 4-5 times a day.

    Add honey to the water and give it to the patient 4-5 times a day (about 100gm)

    Parsley 10gm, Fennel 10gm, Camomile 5gm, Balchhad 10gm and Nakkhini 20gm

    Make all of them a decoction in water. Fill it in a vial and keep it. Consume 4 spoons decoction daily in the morning.

    Boil some mustard seeds in mustard oil, filter the oil and massage it.

    Add one spoon dry ginger and a little cinnamon to the milk, boil it, filter it, add some honey and take it.

    Take 4-5 cloves of garlic with butter.

    What should we eat?
    Wheat Bread,
    Millet Bread,
    Horse gram, Parwal, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal, Drumstick Pods, Garlic, Taroi.

    Papaya, Mango, Fig, Cheeku in fruits.

    Drink milk morning and evening.

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