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    Buy Badam Rogan instead of spending thousands of rupees on Bournvita, Complan etc.

    • Lightly massaging almond rogan around the eyes before sleeping brings glow to the face and prevents wrinkles.

    To remove the dryness of the head, massage almond paste on the head.

    To prevent hair fall, massage almond paste on the head.

    • Drinking a spoonful of almond rogan dal in hot cow’s milk at night makes the brain sharp.

    Constipation is cured by drinking almond thickener mixed with hot milk.

    • Putting two drops of almond paste in the nose while sleeping at night makes the eyesight brighter. This nasya also sharpens the mind.

    Headache is relieved by the use of almond rogan.

    • If there is a fear of hearing loss, then add one drop of almond paste every day.

    Almond oil massage with amla juice can prevent hair fall, premature greying, thinning and dandruff. Massage of two-three drops of almond paste and one spoon of honey opens the pores and brings shine to the face.

    Its consumption reduces stress.

    • It is beneficial for the heart.
    • Maintains body temperature in winter.

    Beneficial for small children.

    • Helps in weight loss.
    • It is okay to massage with neck pain.

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