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    When winter increases, drink clove tea which offers these 5 benefits:

    1 Clove tea is very beneficial to prevent cold. The effect of clove is hot, so drinking it 2 to 3 times a day in cold days can keep you away from cold as well as cough and cold.
    2 If you are suffering from fever, then drinking clove tea will be very beneficial for you. By using this, your fever will not last long and will be cured naturally.
    3 If you want to get rid of pain in body parts and muscles, then definitely drink clove tea. Apart from this, if you want, you can compress the painful area with clove tea. This will benefit you a lot.
    4 Clove tea is effective in digestive problems. Drinking clove tea is very beneficial when there is acidity in the stomach and slow motion of the digestive system. This makes the digestive system work better.
    5 Clove oil is often used for toothache. But clove tea can also be beneficial for this. Apart from this, clove is also very beneficial for cough and throat disorders.

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