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    Amla, rich in Vitamin-C, is not only beneficial for eyes, hair and skin, along with it there are 10 more benefits which Amla offers:

    (1). Amla is very useful for diabetes patients. If the afflicted person consumes amla juice with honey daily, he gets relief from the disease.

    (2). Amla is very beneficial in case of acidity problem. Amla powder mixed with sugar, eaten or mixed with water, provides relief from acidity. Apart from this, drinking gooseberry juice provides relief from all stomach problems.

    (3). Amla proves to be an effective remedy even in the problem of stones. In case of stones, dry gooseberry for 40 days and make its powder and eat that powder mixed with radish juice daily.
    With this experiment, the stone will melt in a few days.

    (4). If there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, taking amla juice daily is very beneficial.
    It is helpful in the formation of red blood cells in the body, and does not allow anemia.

    (5). Amla is like nectar for the eyes, it helps in increasing the eyesight. For this, taking one spoon of amla powder with honey daily is beneficial and the problem of cataract also ends.

    (6). To get rid of fever, amla juice should be consumed by sprinkling it, in addition to this, applying a little camphor mixed with amla juice and applying it on the gums, in case of toothache and cavity, provides relief.

    (7). Amla is the best remedy for increased heat in the body. Consuming gooseberry juice or eating gooseberry in any form provides coolness. Consuming gooseberry juice with sugar candy twice or thrice a day will provide relief from hiccups and vomiting.

    (8). Amla is very beneficial in increasing memory. For this, it is beneficial to take amla marmalade with cow’s milk in the morning, apart from this, you can also use amla juice daily.

    (9). Amla is also useful for you to remove the spots on the face and make it beautiful. By making a paste and applying it on the face, the skin becomes clean, shiny and wrinkles are also reduced.

    (10). Amla is used to make hair black, thick and shiny, washing hair with its powder or consuming it helps to get rid of hair problems.

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