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    Apart from increasing appetite, this spice is also beneficial for kidney, know 5 benefits:

    Improves digestion – Being rich in fiber, this spice is beneficial for your digestive system. It helps in better functioning of your digestive system by removing the problems of flatulence, constipation, gas etc.

    Blood circulation – It is also very beneficial for improving blood circulation in your body. The manganese present in it removes unwanted toxins from the body and improves blood circulation.

    Kidneys should be safe – Consumption of mace is very beneficial for kidney health. It not only prevents the formation of kidney stones, but also helps in dissolving the stones already present in the kidney. The minerals, magnesium and calcium present in it help in this and protect the kidney from infection.

    Increase appetite – If you feel less or do not feel hungry, then definitely take mace. It increases your appetite. The zinc present in it helps in increasing your appetite and people who do not gain weight due to this reason, they also get benefited.

    Beneficial in cancer – According to a study by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, consumption of mace plays a very important role in preventing cancer. The antioxidants present in it protect against free radicals and are helpful in preventing cancer.

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