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    Mulethi is a potent medicine

    Whether it is a complaint of sore throat or confused with cough, sucking licorice gives relief to a great extent. Mulethi is a very beneficial medicine. Using licorice is beneficial not only for stomach disorders but also for gastric ulcers. Its plant is from 1 to 6 feet. It is sweet in taste, hence it is also called Yashtimadhu. Real licorice is yellow from inside, fibrous and has a mild odor.

    Medicinal properties of Licorice:

    Gastric Ulcer
    Licorice is used as a medicine in the treatment of gastric ulcer. An element is found in it, which is extracted by modifying licorice. In medical science, this element is used to heal the wounds of gastric ulcer and dissolves easily in the stomach.

    Ulcer Treatment
    To get rid of the pain, by taking more aspirin tablets, along with ulcers in the stomach, blood also starts seeping. In such a situation, if licorice is consumed along with an aspirin tablet, then the risk of ulcer is reduced. Because licorice strengthens the tissues of the stomach.

    Licorice root is very soft and soft. It works as a laxative. If children have a complaint of constipation, then powder of licorice root is very effective in this. If you take licorice powder with jaggery and water, you can undoubtedly get rid of constipation.

    Relief from muscle and joint pain
    Along with the elders, there is a complaint of pain in the joints and muscles of the youth these days. To get rid of this pain, take licorice. Leave its roots to soak in water overnight. Drink its water in the morning. By trying this, chronic joint and muscle pain is relieved to a great extent.

    Hemorrhoids and Gastroenteritis
    Licorice cures gastric and bowel movements of the stomach. Its roots are very soft and soft. A special element is found in its root, which has the ability to reduce intestinal inflammation. Liquorice root powder is also very effective for piles.

    Able to Heal Wounds
    Doctors believe that mixing fine liquorice powder with butter, ghee or honey and applying it on the wounds heals quickly.

    Cure Mouth Ulcers
    According to Ayurveda, after soaking the roots of licorice in clean water for some time, gargling with that water ends the blisters present in the mouth.

    Remedy for Cough and Asthma
    It contains a chemical element that is most commonly used in the medicine of asthma, phlegm and bronchitis. Chewing licorice in the mouth neither dries the throat nor cures sore throat.

    Helpful in strengthening the Liver
    The liver becomes very strong by consuming licorice. Licorice is also very effective in the secretion of bile juice coming out of the liver. Even in the damage caused to the liver by chemotherapy, the use of licorice works to protect the liver.

    Lowering Cholesterol and Heart Disease
    A research has shown that eating licorice root can significantly reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, which can prevent heart attack.

    Anti Bacterial
    It is also a type of antibiotic, it has the ability to fight bacteria. It also reduces internal injuries of the body. Many times strong antibiotics have to be eaten in fever, which is very harmful for liver and kidney.

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