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    1. For the treatment of every type of cough, it is necessary to stop smoking for a few days. Smoking causes irritation in the respiratory tract and increases the disease.
    2. Patients with cough or sputum should consume water or other liquids after heating them. This gives relief to the throat.
    3. Fill salt and black pepper by cutting lemon and heat it a little. Sucking it provides relief in cough.
    4. In dry cough, licking dried Indian gooseberry in the form of chutney mixed with green coriander after taking out its seed gives relief and phlegm starts coming out.
    5. Consuming grapes in any form in dry cough gives strength to the lungs. Phlegm starts coming out. Water should not be drunk after eating juicy fruits like grapes.
    6. In dry cough, extracting spinach juice and heating it slightly and gargling it is also beneficial.
    7. Mixing one spoon of honey in four-five black pepper and a pinch of ginger powder and licking it morning and evening gives relief in phlegm cough.
    8. Grind 10 grams of roasted alum and 100 grams of desi khand finely and mix them together. This makes 14 doses of the medicine. In case of dry cough, take one dose with warm milk at bedtime.
    9. Juice of baked apple provides relief in dry cough. Mixing sugar candy in juice and drinking it in the morning also cures chronic cough. It should be used continuously for at least 10-12 days.
    10. Apart from this, 250 grams of apple pulp can also be eaten daily.

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