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    Introduction to disease

    In the disease of smallpox, red rash appears on the body after fever. These rashes take the form of blisters after 2 to 3 days. In 4 to 5 days, the crust starts falling down from these grains. Due to fever and burning sensation in smallpox, the patient has a lot of restlessness. It takes at least 7 to 10 days to cure this disease.

    Chickenpox is a viral infection. The disease can be spread through the air or by contact with saliva, mucus or fluid from the blisters of an infected person.

    Symptoms of Chickenpox

    o Body temperature rises.

    o This fever becomes 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

    o The patient starts feeling restless.

    o He feels very thirsty and feels pain all over the body.

    o The heartbeat becomes faster and along with it a cold also occurs.

    o After 2-3 days the fever starts increasing.

    o Reddish-reddish rash starts coming out on the body. Watery pus is produced in the grains and in 7 days the grains begin to ripen (be careful not to boil it with the nail, it spreads the disease) which gradually dry up. The grains get frozen like a scab. After a few days, the scab comes off but its marks remain.

    Food and Diet

    1. Small children should be fed milk, moong dal, roti and green vegetables and seasonal fruits in case of chicken pox or their juice should be given.

    2. The family members of a patient suffering from smallpox should not sprinkle the vegetable while cooking.

    3. The patient should not be given fried things, spicy food and too cold or too hot things.

     4. A sprig of neem leaves should be hung on the door.

    5. Avoid going out and going to crowded places when you have chicken pox. If possible, stay away from people during this time.

    Ayurvedic Treatment

    1. Boiling neem leaves in water and bathing with that water removes skin diseases and it is especially helpful in the treatment of smallpox and it is helpful in not allowing the virus to spread.

    2. Make a paste by taking a handful of neem leaves. After bathing with neem water, apply this paste on the chickenpox area. Although it can cause itching in the skin, but it is a very good remedy for treating the skin.

    3. Mixing the juice of Aak leaves in neem oil and applying it on the grains of smallpox (elder mother) is beneficial.

    4. Keep the bed of the smallpox patient clean and keep neem leaves on his bed. Then grind the soft leaves of neem and make small balls. Feed this 1-1 tablet with milk in the morning and evening to the patient. In the summer season, by blowing air with a twig of neem, the bacteria present in the smallpox granules are soon eliminated. Roast dry grapes on a pan and feed it to the patient.

    5. If the smallpox patient feels excessive thirst, then boil 10 grams tender leaves in 1 kg of water, when half the water remains, then filter it and give it to the patient. By drinking this water, along with thirst, smallpox grains also dry up.

    6. Chewing 5 neem leaves (new leaves) with 2 black peppers and a little sugar candy in the morning or after grinding it with water, it is beneficial in the disease of smallpox.

    7. Give half spoon juice of basil leaves to the patient in the morning, it is beneficial in the disease of smallpox.

    8. To reduce fever, grind basil seeds and washed carom seeds and give it to the patient with water.

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