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    Hands and feet trembling?
    So you have Parkinson’s disease.
    In Parkinson’s disease, there is tremor in the body, hands and feet start trembling.
    The number of Parkinson’s patients in the whole world is more than 6 million, in America alone there are about one million people affected by this disease. Usually this disease occurs after the age of 50 years.
    Even in old age, hands and feet start shaking, but it is difficult for a normal person to find out whether it is Parkinson’s or the effect of age.
    If there is Parkinson’s, the activity of the body decreases, the brain does not work properly.
    This disease occurs because the cells located in the very deep central part of the brain get damaged.

    There are cells called striatonigral in the basal ganglia disease, a special part of the brain.
    Due to the damage of the neuron cells of the Substantia nigra, their number starts decreasing.
    size gets smaller.
    The mutual balance of chemical substances (neurotransmitters) secreted by these neuron cells located in parts called striatum and substantia nigra gets disturbed.
    Because of this the balance of the body also gets disturbed.

    On the basis of some research, it can be said that this disease can also be hereditary.
    Medicines that can cure this disease are not yet available, but its prevention is possible with Naturopathy.

    Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:
    In Parkinson’s disease, the whole body, especially the hands and feet, starts trembling rapidly.
    Sometimes the tremor ends, but whenever the patient sits down to write something or do some work, the hands start trembling again.
    There is also a problem in eating.
    Sometimes the jaw, tongue and eyes of the patient also start trembling.
    In this the physical balance gets disturbed.
    There is difficulty in walking.
    The patient cannot stand straight.
    Can’t hold cup or glass in hand.
    Can’t speak properly.
    Starts stuttering.
    The facial expression becomes zero.
    If you are sitting then there is a problem in getting up.
    The movement of the arms is not visible while walking, they remain stationary. When this disease progresses, there are many problems like sleeplessness, weight loss, shortness of breath, constipation, intermittent urination, dizziness, darkening in front of the eyes and lack of coitus.
    Along with this, there is tension and stiffness in the muscles, stiffness in the hands and feet, in such a situation it is necessary to consult a qualified doctor.

    Causes of Parkinson’s disease:
    Over-thinking, negative thinking and mental stress are the main reasons for this.
    Parkinson’s can also be caused by injury to the brain, excessive use of sleeping medicines, drugs and anti-stress medicines, vitamin-E deficiency, excessive smoking, tobacco, alcohol and fast food consumption. Pollution is also a reason for this.
    Blockage of the blood vessels leading to the brain and poisoning of manganese is also one of the reasons for this.

    Home remedies for Parkinson’s disease:
    Drink lemon juice mixed with regular water for 4-5 days. Coconut water is also very beneficial in this.

    • Eat uncooked food regularly for ten days and drink juices of fruits and vegetables, then this disease runs away in a few days.
      Soybean mixed with milk can be drunk in Parkinson’s disease. Consuming milk and goat’s milk along with sesame gives a lot of relief in this disease.
      Eat salad of green leafy vegetables.
      Consume more of foods containing Vitamin E.
      ~ The best and most effective is the use of flaxseed.
      Do some light exercise everyday.
      Keep thoughts positive and be happy.
      Consume sunlight to get Vitamin D.

    Diet :
    Parkinson’s patient should avoid coffee, tea, drugs, salt, sugar, canned foods. However, according to experts, the risk of getting this disease decreases by 14% in coffee drinkers.

    Parkinson’s treatment is not yet 100% in allopathy but this disease is dangerous.

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