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    Thyroid is a big problem.
    ● To avoid this, drink coriander water, along with it adopt even more easy home remedies.!
    ● Thyroid is considered a silent killer because the symptoms of this disease are detected very slowly!
    ● Actually thyroid is one of the endocrine glands found in our body..!
    ● This butterfly-shaped gland present in the throat produces thyroxine hormone, which affects our body’s ability to spend energy and many other functions.

    Remedy #1
    ● Black pepper controls both weight and hypo thyroid.
    why and how.?
    ● Piperine is a special chemical found in abundance in black pepper.
    ● This is an amazing fat burner

    Women often gain weight rapidly due to low thyroxine level and piperine can get rid of this problem..!

    Those who have hypothyroid problem, just crush 7 black pepper and eat it together in the morning every day for 15 days.

    Remedy #2
    ● Take 25 grams of pure cinnamon, the sharper it is, the better it will be..!
    ● Make powder by grinding it and mix a pinch of powder in onion juice and consume it.!
    ● Do this experiment with stale mouth only for 21 days..!

    Thyroid will become normal after 21 days intake and will never grow again..!
    Repeat this experiment after 3 months, there will be definite benefits.!

    The one who has done it with dedication and faith, understand that person has been saved from taking medicines for the whole life..!

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